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Poppy & Dot has been one of my go-to shops for my clothes. I feel like it gives me a good mom look without making me look like I’m a 30-year old trying to dress like a 15-year old. They have a good array of styles so that it fits a lot of different types.

I’m in the mood to get ready for Fall wardrobe and they have some adorable styles. I try not to overbuy on the dresses but yet I end up with more dresses than tops. Here’s a look at some of my favorite outfits recently. It’s surprisingly not too many dresses but those are for a different post. Or you may just see them on our Instagram stories.

Black jumperOlive wrap dresRainbow knot tie topBlue & white horizontal stripes

Poppy & Dot Discount Coupon Code

Use the discount coupon code “MOM” for 10% off of every purchase you make on Poppy & Dot. You can also use “MOMS” if you shop on Instagram.