Birds & Brews: Migration Edition

Tracy Aviary, in partnership with Dark Sky SLC, will host a Birds & Brews: Migration Edition event, August 31st just for adults. Proceeds from the event will benefit conservation programs at Tracy Aviary along with awareness of the national Lights Out campaign. Birds & Brews: Migration Edition will also give the public a unique opportunity to explore the Aviary grounds with beer in hand and no children present.

Lights Out SLC was launched in the spring of 2018, inviting residential and commercial buildings to reduce energy costs and protect birds from colliding into buildings. Participating homes and businesses will turn out their lights from 11pm-6am during the spring (March-May) and fall (August-October) migration seasons. Participants help prevent avian collisions, and often mortalities, by decreasing light emission from their buildings during these critical times of year.

Two-thirds of all songbirds migrate at night, and two major migration routes converge in the Salt Lake Valley. As the birds fly over brightly-lit cities like downtown SLC, they can become disoriented and collide with buildings. Salt Lake’s high population density, compared to the rest of the state, increases the danger for migrating birds that fly over the city.

Tracy Aviary’s conservation science team is conducting an ongoing study examining the effects of light pollution on migratory birds. Over the course of 2017’s migration seasons, citizen scientists found a total of 44 birds who had died in building collisions – in just 21 surveyed downtown Salt Lake City blocks. By simply turning off our lights from 11 pm-6 am, we can help these tiny travelers get to their destinations safely.

Birds and Brews: Migration Edition at Tracy Aviary is the second annual event for the Lights Out Salt Lake campaign. On August 31, Tracy Aviary and Dark Sky SLC will join forces with Astronomers from the University of Utah and Fisher Brewing Company at this migration kickoff event. More information can be found at

For more information on Lights Out Salt Lake, or to join the initiative, visit http://