Get Out Pass for Utah + Discount Coupon Code

Get Out Pass Discount Coupon

Use the coupon discount code “MOMS” to get 10% off monthly or 20% off yearly of a Get Out Pass for Utah. Passes are good for events, activities, and attractions in Salt Lake County, Davis County, Utah County, and more!

The GetOutPass is a new way for you and your family to experience and enjoy Utah! There are a lot of free admissions that you can enjoy weekly, monthly, and yearly. Once you have the pass, no additional fees are required.

There are two options for the GetOutPass. You can buy it monthly at a rate of $9.95 or yearly at a rate of $99. This allows each pass to enjoy each attraction that is associated with the pass (see below).

>> Buy your GetOutPass, use “MOMS” for 10-20% off

As an example, the price for a family of 5 to visit Lagoon would cost over $300! That’s just one day of entertainment! Each GetOutPass comes at the cost of just $9.95 a month (for 12 month contract) or $99 upfront for the entire year! And that is before you use “MOMS” for 20% off of your yearly fee or 10% off monthly!

Each pass comes with COMPLETELY FREE offers or admission to all of the following locations (location offers vary between daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly):

Lagoon – 1 free admission
Cowabunga Bay – 1 free admission
Brighton – 1 free ski pass
Rush Funplex
FatCats Bowling (all locations) – Free game and free shoes once a week!
Momentum Climbing (multiple locations)
Fastkart Gokarting (all locations)
TNT Shooting Range
Bountiful Bowl
Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course
Virtual Experience
Jack and Jill
Dart Nation
Bricks & Minifigs
Cascade Golf Course
Cedar Hills Golf Club
Eccles Ice Center
Willows Golf Park
Bounce and Slide
Loco Bubble Fight Club
Dart Em’ Down
The Quarry
Front Archery Tag

In addition to these locations, they will be adding a lot more soon!

>> Get your GetOutPass, use “MOMS” for 10-20% off <<


GetOutPass Utah Coupon with "MOMS"


Featured image via Lagoon



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