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I am so excited to tell you about this Utah-local Shine company! It began with two women who wanted women to feel empowered and I think they’re doing an excellent job!

Shine Cosmetics is aimed at empowering women from all around the world to define beauty in their own way. Each product designed by Shine Cosmetics is unique and offers women the opportunity to boldly put their best self forward. This innovative and creative brand was born when co-founders Hope and Chandler realized they wanted to change the way women felt about themselves. They wanted to inspire women and help them to look their best at all times. They decided they would revolutionize the way in which beauty products were being marketed.

They wanted to remove the stigma that is often attached to beauty products, resulting in a woman’s character being questioned. They wanted to ensure women felt confident and beautiful without any inappropriate messages being attached to the beauty products they used. This became clearer to them on the night they were putting make-up on their daughters for a dance competition. They realized they were supporting a degrading message to women by supporting aggressively sexual and inappropriate messages.

They shared their feelings with their respective husbands about how they wanted to make a change and stand for something that had a positive message behind it. Fortunately, the husbands saw the need to support this message and joined their wives. They reached out to their good friend Darcey to join Shine in fighting for this message, and Shine began its journey. The team spent two years developing the Shine brand before launching. Their mission: to be at the forefront of innovation and to ensure they help women define beauty with a positive voice.

At Shine, you can get a variety of makeup supplies for your eyes, brows, lips, face, and more! Their lip products are long-lasting and made to not dry out your lips. Their eye products are also made to last without leaving crease marks.

You guys, I am excited about these products and love to have make up that makes me feel beautiful without feeling too overwhelmed about makeup and these products are perfect! Just be yourself and SHINE!

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