Paddington 2 + Review

Everyone’s favorite bear is back in “Paddington 2” is arriving in theaters on January 12, 2018! It is already a hit in the UK as it opened November 10, 2017 and now we finally get to see the new movie!

“Paddington” was released in 2014 and has already been acclaimed as a perennial family
classic, with its wonderful blend of warmth and whimsy, comedy and adventure, enchanting
viewers of all ages. Marking the film debut of a young Peruvian bear who comes to London in search of a home and family, it was nominated for several BAFTA Awards and took the BAFTA for Best Children’s Film, won Best Comedy at the 2015 Empire Awards, and has grossed over $250 million worldwide.

The family and I saw “Paddington 2” as a preview screening and it was an adorable movie. Many of us have concerns when it comes to sequels of movies but this one was absolutely heart warming and has reminded my children to make the best out of every situation. Watch the trailer below.

As far as the movie went, I was touched by Paddington’s sweet character. I think he is a representative of how we all wish to be, at least a little bit: sweet, thoughtful, and full of love. Without giving away the entire movie, I enjoyed seeing how a bear could change the people around him; how one individual could make all the difference.

My more sensitive child had a hard time in a few of the scenes where we thought Paddington would never get to live out his dream. My child who loves stories whether they’re sad or scary or not loved the whole thing. Both of them gave it two thumbs up and loved the fun story.

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