20+ Things to Do with Your Kids in Winter in SLC

This is a list of 20+ things to do with your kids during the winter in Salt Lake City. 

With such hot summers it’s always surprising when winter hits. It’s cold, icy, snowy, and hard to find things to do with your kids when you’re used to sending them outside to play. Or if you’re the type that loves to be outside, there’s plenty of things to do when there’s snow on the ground!

Lucky for us, we live in a very family-friendly, kid-friendly county where many companies have provided plenty of places for our children to go when it’s cold and we don’t want to keep them inside our homes.

Free things to do in Salt Lake City

Visit a library. Libraries provide storytimes, activities, concerts, and events to keep your children entertained. Find one of your local libraries to see what their schedules are like and make sure to sign up for the free activities they provide.

Watch for free days at the local museum, zoo, and other places supported by ZAP. You can find free days here or search your local museum and find out if they have free days during the winter.

Go to a mall. Some malls have children play areas and if not, at least get the kids walking around and exploring.

Things to do during the winter

Get a membership or go for daily admission. There are a variety of opportunities to learn, play, and explore in Salt Lake County. Try one of these:

  • Living Planet Aquarium
  • Hogle Zoo
  • This Is The Place Heritage Park (mention “Salt Lake Moms blog” for $2 off at desk)
  • Recreation Center
  • The Leonardo Museum
  • Discovery Gateway Children’s Musuem
  • Utah Natural History Museum
  • Obstacle Warrior Kids
  • Momentum Indoor Climbing
  • Snogression 
  • Fastkart Indoor Speedway
  • Utah Olympic Oval

Visit a fun center.

Enjoy a trampoline park.

Find a community event.

Where do you go in the winter? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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