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Living Scripture videos are for families that want to learn more about the Bible and other religious stories through movies. A coupon discount promo code is available at the Salt Lake Moms blog. Using this code link allows you to get 50% off of your first month!

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Many of us in Utah had exposure to Living Scriptures as youth and now we are seeing the change in Living Scriptures as it updates and provides a more Netflix-like service with many movies for the whole family to watch.

The Living Scriptures masterfully blends spiritual knowledge with fun stories and beautiful animation creating a product that both educates and entertains.¬†Children love watching the animation and parents love that the stories effectively teach scriptural truths. Thousands of families enthusiastically voice that Living Scriptrues’ movies are the best way to give children a strong scriptural foundation vital for understanding gospel principles.

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Take a look at some of the movies that Living Scriptures has to offer. Their library includes Bible, Book of Mormon, and Latter-Day Saint Church History movies. I haven’t watched many of these movies but my three favorite faith-building movies that I’ve already seen include “17 Miracles,” “The Best Two Years,” and “The Saratov Approach.”

There are a few ways you can stream your movies: Google Play, Apple App Store, Roku, web, Airplay & Chromecast. Living Scriptures offers their entire library for streaming for only $9.99 per month, no contract, no sales rep, and online sign up.

Living Scriptures Discount Promo Code

I liken the Living Scriptures to Netflix with all wholesome family-friendly movies. If you’re looking to find a monthly subscription that is safe for everyone in the family, I’d look into Living Scriptures.

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Living Scriptures Promo Discount Code


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