Tips for Attending WitchFest at Gardner Village

Gardner Village, Witchfest, Utah

WitchFest at Gardner Village is an annual event. It is free to walk in to Gardner Village and walk around the village. Gardner Village is located in West Jordan, Utah.

With the ambiance and charm of an early Utah village, the brick-lined paths surrounding the historic Gardner flour mill are the perfect backdrop for the whimsical witch displays that adorn the property during WitchFest. One green-faced beauty sits on a shop roof trying to get cell phone reception on her “eye” phone. Overhead the Wicked Witch of the West furiously pedals her bike. And don’t miss the poor old witch who didn’t see what was coming while flying. She’s smashed up against the flour mill silo like a bug on a windshield.

One of the most fun activities for children there is to participate in the witch scavenger hunt. Print off the scavenger hunt beforehand or grab a sheet there by Archibald’s restaurant or at the Information Booth (located in the middle of the village).

If you are attending, especially on the weekend or over UEA/Fall Break, take these simple words of caution and be prepared with these tips for visiting WitchFest:

  • Due to the huge increase in traffic for Witches Night Out and Wee Witches Weekend, professional parking attendants are brought in to keep things running smoothly. Please plan on a $5/car parking fee beginning at 9 am on Oct. 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 27 and 28, 2017. Receive valuable Village coupons with each paid car. An alternative option is to take the train. The ‘Historic Gardner’ TRAX stop is across the street from Gardner Village.
    • If you are planning to pay the fee, I noticed that there are a lot of parking spots left open on the west side of Gardner Village which means you will have to travel around the north side of the area to get to it. If you don’t want to pay the fee, you can park on the streets surrounding the area, park in the TRAX parking lot (although it’s small and fills up fast), or park near the cemetery just southwest of Gardner Village at the stop light. There was a lot of parking up there – although it was a bit further, it felt a little safer getting little children in and out of the car versus street parking.
  • There are a lot of people on the weekends and over UEA/Fall Break. Be prepared for a long wait into Naborhood Bakery where children 12 and under can redeem their finished scavenger hunt list for a 50 cent cookie.
  • Participate in the free witch scavenger hunt. Each year, Gardner Village displays many witches throughout the village. Kids (and adults) have the opportunity to walk around the village and look for 15 (in 2017, it varies each year) different witches. It’s a fun activity for the children to enjoy. Just remember to bring your own pen or pencil.
  • There is a farm area and play area on the west side of Gardner Village. It does cost extra money but the kids have a great time.
  • Speaking of extra money, most extra activities are going to have a fee. There are crafts and activities that the kids can join in on.
  • Don’t forget your camera/phone. With all of the witches, there are so many great photo ops. The ladies playing games with the children and those at the information booth are dressed to impress (witch-wise, at least)!
  • Let the kids dress up. Many children enjoy dressing up to visit Gardner Village and if they happen to have a witch costume, they will definitely fit right in!

Gardner Village is located at 1100 West 7800 South, West Jordan.

Gardner Village Shop Hours
Monday – Thursday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.


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