Scary Hill at Cherry Hill Review

Scary Hill at Cherry Hill Review
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We had the opportunity to visit Scary Hill at Cherry Hill on opening night.

We arrived around 6 pm and thought we would be done after a couple of hours so we started off really slow through the area. We walked around for a bit and then decided to get going on activities.

First, when you arrive and are looking to pay, if you go to the miniature golf area, they can take payments there at the window. The store/office can help you as well but may not be open.

We started off at the tractor ride thinking it would be nice to see everything in the light but turns out, it’s even better in the dark when all of their lights are lighting up park. So in my opinion, wait until the sun goes down for the wagon ride.

Then we walked over to the maze area. It is located behind the Office and Store. There we found the maze, rock wall, bounce houses, Hamster Haven (playground) and bumper boats. Inside the store by the bounce houses and maze included a shooting game they call Battlestar Blasters. The kids could have spent all day in this section alone. The maze area had some really fun Halloween decorations and photo ops within the maze. The bumper boats were a favorite for my younger children and there was no line so they spent quite a bit of time riding on them.

We decided to do mini golf at the end of our evening after the sun had gone down. On a Friday night, that place was packed but we had a great time. Once we were able to start golfing, we went through all 18 holes and only lost 1 golf ball in the bushes or the water. It was too dark to tell where it went but we went back up to the counter and got another golf ball to finish out the courses. The courses were each unique and fun, especially for the kids. Plus they were decorated for the season and at night, it made it even more fun to be on the mini golf course.

Since it was dark, we decided to get in line for the tractor ride one more time (because with our wristband came unlimited everything). It was way cooler in the dark to see all of the skeletons. My daughter loved the gymnasts, my son loved the super heroes, and I thought some of the skeletons displaying scenes from movies were fun. I won’t give all of the details away because it’s just something you need to see for yourself.

Scary Hill Pricing

  • $9.99 ages 5 and up, unlimited day pass
  • $4.99 ages 3-4, unlimited (excludes rock wall)
  • free ages 2 and under

This day pass gives you UNLIMITED use of the following Activities:

  • Scary Hill Miniature Golf
  • Bone Yard Tractor Rides
  • Junior Jungle Boats
  • Spooky Maze
  • Hamster Haven
  • Spider Aeroball
  • Rock Wall
  • Battlestar Blasters
  • Bug Bounce House



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