Adventures in Salt Lake

One thing I love about living in Salt Lake are all the things that I can do with my children. Some things I want to share with you are Scales and Tails, the Daybreak splash pad and Westwind Karate. As an added bonus I’ll tell you about an amazing Filipino restaurant that I took my mom to when she was here- I can’t believe I forgot to write about it last time!

On Groupon right now you can get a great deal for Scales and Tails. It’s located in West Valley right across from Bucket O’Crawfish actually! When I walked in it felt like a pet store but it was more interactive. They have two alligator right when you walk and a giant sulcata tortoise. The staff was very friendly in answering any and all questions. They actually stuck by us the whole time to answer any questions, it was really nice since my 5 year old had a lot to ask. Well, I guess I did as well. They took out some snakes for us to hold and pet. My daughter has her sights on getting a pet snake and she wouldn’t even hold one! I held the snake and thought it was pretty cool! I also held a tarantula and another little snake that was not longer than a rule. I think the coolest part was when they took out the alligator. Let me tell you, that was awesome. I’ve never got to pet an alligator before. If you decide to head out there just look for the door with the lizard on it. I drove right past it the first time. They are only open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday so plan accordingly. It really is a cool place worth your money and worth checking out!

A new little splash pad that we went to recently is located in Daybreak, just off 10400 and a little bit west of Bangeter. I like it because there is a river running through it and plenty of shade for the parents to relax under. Some of the splash pads I’ve been to have pavilions for me to sit under but they always seem too far away from the kids and I can’t keep an eye on them as well. This one was right there so I was able to see my kids and make sure they weren’t causing too much chaos. My favorite splash pad is the Sandy Ampitheater splash pad which I’ll have to tell you about later, but this one comes in a close second.

Lastly, I have to give a shoutout to Westwind Karate when my 5 year old takes classes. I really like all the places that I’ve taken my kids to for dance, gymnastics and karate lessons, but these guys really seem to go above and beyond for their students. We went to their summer BBQ and had a great time. They hired the fire department to come out and spray the kids with water and had tons of water balloons to throw at each other. They had a potluck and everyone brought tons of food and then they had a raffle for the kids.  The big prize was a punching bag but unfortunately we didn’t win.  For the last month the kids have been earning tickets to put in for the raffle and my daughter has been working her butt off doing chores and helping around the house for more tickets. I’d say that’s a win win for both of us!

Now, here’s a treat I’ve been wanting to share with you. Queen Asia in West Jordan has some delicious Filipino food. If you haven’t tried Filipino food then this is the place to do it. You have to try their lumpia Shanghai (you could pick your favorite meat inside, I prefer the pork) and the pancit bihon. Two classics you can’t go wrong with. I also like the chicken adobo and the lechon kawali. They also have Vietnamese food if you like that and are more comfortable with that but I’m telling you, you got to try the lumpia and pancit for sure! When my mom was here we ordered so much food and it was quickly gone!

I’ll be back with more adventures me and my three little ducklings have. Schools starting for us soon but luckily it’s kindergarten and we’re doing PM so we have plenty of time for adventures still. Til next time!