Seek Treasure Hunts: Easter Egg Hunt 2016

If you are looking for a year-round way to do a treasure hunt, this is it! They kick off the first hunt for Easter on March 26, 2016.

Seek Treasure Hunts, a one-of-a-kind real life treasure and scavenger hunt platform, this week announced the first Seek Treasure Hunt will officially launch this March 26 with a statewide Easter egg hunt. Dedicated to bringing fun and positivity back into the negative world of the Cyber Age, Seek Treasure Hunts is a completely free, no purchase necessary, and no gimmicks website committed to bettering Utah communities in person and online.

“We are incredibly excited to kickoff our first event with a statewide Easter egg hunt by hiding cash prizes in eggs all over the state,” said the Founder of Seek Treasure Hunts (he wished to remain anonymous). “For clues and hints, we will be posting to our social media accounts multiple times leading up to the hunt. We want interested participants to get active and encourage their friends and family to go seek some treasure this spring.”

Clues for each Seek Treasure Hunt will be scattered throughout the company website, social media pages, and email campaigns. Currently, all planned Seeks are within the state of Utah. However, Seek Treasure Hunts will also be conducting all-virtual Seeks so anyone, anywhere can participate in the fun and win.

“The whole purpose of doing this is to provide some adventure and unpredictability in people’s lives,” said @SeekTreasureHunts. “I see so much negativity on social media every day that I want to turn that attention into a fun, community-engaging activity for any interested participants. Signup for our email campaigns today to get in on the best Seek clues for our upcoming Hunts!”

The more followers and participants in Seeks, the bigger the prizes will be. Designed to be engaging, in order to get in on the latest Seek clues, users will have to stay active with checking for hints. As they say at Seek Treasure Hunts: You want it? Seek it!

For more information, or to signup for Seek hints today, visit:


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