Mountainside Spa Holladay, Utah Review

Mountainside Spa Holladay
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Just recently, I had the most amazing massage at Mountainside Spa in Holladay.  Their staff was very friendly and welcoming from the moment I walked in the door.  They even asked how my day was going and if I wanted a drink of water.  I need to train my husband to do that.  I had been wanting a massage for a while, and this was the first opportunity I had to break away from home and just go have some “me time”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but somehow they manage to make every muscle in my upper body tighten up until I feel like a walking pretzel.  I needed a place I could just chill in nirvana and Mountainside Spa was the place.

Mountainside Spa Holladay

The spa was bright, and the atmosphere was relaxing and calm.  Like I imagine most people would, I get a bit nervous and body conscious about mostly stripping down and getting a massage from a complete stranger. However, the massage therapist did a great job at making me feel very comfortable throughout my visit.  She explained to me what the spa package I chose included and what she was going to do.

Mountainside Spa Massage

The package I picked included exfoliation, a heated body wrap, a massage, and a facial.  She started out by exfoliating my skin with a coconut milk cleanser, a strawberry dermafoliant, and a lime and ginger salt scrub. I can tell you that they smelled AMAZING and helped me to relax even more.  After that, she covered me up in warm towels and wrapped me up in blanket.  I felt like a cozy, warm mummy.

The heat from the towels soothed my muscles and helped to untie the knots in my back. Calm music softly played in the background helping me to zone out and just forget about everything for a while.
Mountainside Spa

Next was the facial.  She cleansed the exfoliant from myface with another hot towel and gently massaged my face and neck.  It felt so good. It was like I could feel the stress melting away. For the rest of the massage, she proceeded to remove the dermafoliant product from one body area at a time, by unwrapping it from the warm towels and using a new hot towel to cleanse it.  Each time, she would then massage that area with a coconut firming body lotion, and working out any remaining knots.  The lotion also smelled AMAZING!  The tropical scent made me imagine I was getting the massage on a serene and sunny beach in Hawaii.  Note to self: tell husband we need to go back to Hawaii soon and get a massage on the beach.  If that doesn’t work out though, this is easily the next best thing.

Mountainside Spa

Mountainside Spa Utah

My massage therapist regularly checked with me throughout the process to make sure I was comfortable, asking if I wanted more or less pressure for the massage or if I needed anything else.  I wish my kids were that attentive.  After the massage was done, she brought me a cold glass of water to make sure I stayed hydrated, and explained that I should drink more when I got home to help rid my body of any toxins that had been released during the massage.  I felt reinvigorated and ready to head back to normal life.

I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone.  They gave me an absolutely wonderful massage experience.

You can find them at Mountainside Spa, 6556 South Big Cottonwood Rd., Holladay, UT 84092.  You can also find more info about them and their wonderful spa packages at