Great Cloth Diaper Change

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The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Vridian Event Center (attached to the West Jordan Library)
8030 South 1825 West
West Jordan, UT

Doors will open at 9 AM, the change begins at 10:45.
We’ll have awesome vendors, games, raffle prizes, and fun all around.

Help us set the world record for the fifth year in a row!  We are going to try to break the record of most babies changed in 24 hours.  This is a Guiness World Record event, and as such all participants and babies must adhere to the following:

  • Person changing the baby must be 18 years or older
  • Baby must be under 39″ tall
  • One adult per baby will be allowed in the changing area
  • Babies must be changed into a 100% reusable, commercially available cloth diaper.  
Commercially available diapers are diapers that can be purchased online from a store or etsy shop.  No diapers that are homemade (unless the maker has a store) and no diapers that are only available through bulk purchases (such as co-ops).  Flats and prefolds are perfectly acceptable diapers to change with, as long as you also have a commercially available cover to go over them.
If you have more than one baby that’s qualified to be changed, you need to bring another adult for the additional babies.
Note: Only the adult changing and the baby being changed will be allowed in the changing area.  Older children will need to be outside the change area watching, being supervised by someone outside the change area if they are too young to stay put.
Diaper Drive:

We will be doing a diaper drive again for the Cloth Diaper Initiative! You can get up to 5 extra raffle tickets for donating five diapers to the initiative (helping cloth diaper struggling families).  We will take diapers in any condition, even needing repair.  Our most urgent needs are newborn sized covers and prefolds of all sizes, but we will take any size/type of diapers.  You can donate as many diapers as you want, the extra ticket limit just caps at 5 🙂 One ticket for each person who comes in, no donation required. Only adults can enter the raffle, and prizes are limited to one per person.  So if you win something then get drawn again, you need to choose one prize.  Thank you so much!!


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