Free Even Stevens Breakfast

Free breakfast burrito at Even Stevens

Get woke to a free breakfast burrito on September 25th.

The first 100 guests through our doors between 7 & 11am on Sept. 25th will walk away with a breakfast free’rito of their very own.

‘Say what!?’, you say.

Eggs, tots, protein, cheddar, Sriracha and house sauce in a warm tortilla, $Free.99. That’s what.

Tell your friends, RSVP now at, and read ahead before bed:

– One free’rito per guest.
– Free’ritos are limited to the first 100 guests in line.
– Every Even Stevens is participating ->
– If you find yourself in line but not one of the first 100, stick around. There will be more than just free’ritos to treat you.
– Yes, we’ll still be serving up the full menu starting at 7am.

Now get some rest. We’ll see you in the morning. ✌️


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