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Tracy Aviary review

Salt Lake Moms had the opportunity to visit Tracy Aviary.

When I was a child, I remember field trips to Tracy Aviary. It was much different back then and not as exciting. In the last 20+ years, Tracy Aviary has changed immensely to a fun place for children to explore and enjoy.

Tracy Aviary is made up of 19 exhibits. Each exhibit is unique and offers learning about birds.

The kids love the bird shows and the Pelican Pond. At the Pelican Pond, we were able to feed the pelicans ($2 per member, $3 per nonmember) fresh dead fish. It was a stinky and slimy experience but the kids loved throwing fish to the birds. There is also another feeding opportunity in the Amazon Adventure where you can hold little bowls of food and the birds while land on your arm and hand to eat out of the bowl.

My kids particularly loved the Owl Forest. There is a little play area for the kids to play on nearby the owls and the kids really loved seeing all of the owls.

The Tracy Aviary provides various activities throughout the day. We got to enjoy the Sense-ational Stream Exploration. It lasted about 45-60 minutes and was amazing for the children. They got to use all 5 senses to explore in and around the stream. Binoculars and a little tool to catch and magnify bugs were given out to each child for the duration of the activity so they could explore. My kids had the best time finding little bugs under rocks in the stream and looking at them through their magnifying tool.

Tracy Aviary is open from 9-5 pm daily, open until 8 pm on Mondays June through August. Admission and membership prices can be found here.

Tracy Aviary
589 East 1300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84105


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