Too much HGTV

I thought I would change things up a bit and let you know of a little project that I have going on.  I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to HGTV, especially all the flipping shows with houses, yards, furniture, you name it.  My husband is sick of all the shows I watch but I can’t seem to get enough.  Recently, I have been binge watching Flea Market Flip where two people are paired up and compete agains another pair to redesign and reinvent old flea market finds.  I love it.  It sparked something in me.  Like it’s something that I can accomplish.  I’m not going to become the next Joanna Gaines but I can definitely pick up some furniture or old knick knacks that need a little TLC and bring it back to life.  I mean how hard can it be?  It has to be easier than flipping a house.

The mister and I are on the quest to buy a home and I am so excited to get in there and decorate it.  I have ben saving things that I want to do to my future house on Pinterest and Etsy like crazy.  I have been going to arts festivals and saving cards for local artist because I got to support the locals! I just feel bad that I can’t buy anything yet. And of course I have been watching Flea Market Flip like an addict.  My daughter keeps telling me that I am hogging the TV with my grown-up show.

Well something that I have been thinking about recently is ways to get my daughter to do more chores around the house.  Right now, its like pulling teeth.  I ask her to do something and it takes a million years to get it done and I get a bunch of sass on top of that.  I want to make it fun for her so I though of some ideas.  Here’s how my train of thought works.  First I thought of a treasure chest but she wouldn’t know what it was.  Then I thought if I had multiple treasure boxes then it would be fun for her to pick her prize from a random one.  So that gets me thinking of what would work for the multiple boxes.  It brought me back to the day when libraries used to have those old card catalogs with all the cards in it.  So I looked online and of course they are totally too big for the space I want to use and they are really expensive.  Maybe they were a lot cheaper when libraries started getting rid of them.  So them my mind wandered to post office boxes.  Now that would be cool to have in my house someday!  I really want to put furniture in that is unique and one of a kind so a cool vintage post office box would be great for what I need.  And it would serve the purpose of multiple boxes that I could hide prizes in.  But then the issue of money came up.  There are some really cool ones on eBay but again they are out of my price range.  I thought I got lucky when I found an old 1940’s one that looked like it was in great condition for only $50.  Problem was that it was in Oklahoma.  I begged my sister who lives 4 hours away in Dallas to go and pick it up for me but she refused.  Some sister.  So I just thought I would give good old KSL a chance to see what luck I might have.  Well, I struck gold.  A kind gentleman was selling a 36 compartment square post office unit on KSL for $60.  No pick up from Oklahoma, no outrageous prices. I told my husband I had to have it and reluctantly he said it was ok.  So now I am the proud owner of a 1980’s post office box!

My plans for it are really simple.  I want to put a frame around it and add some wheels on the bottom to move it back and forth.  The back is open and so I would need to put a door on it so the kids can’t turn it around and get access to the prizes inside.  Once that it done I want to paint it black and possibly add some sort of sign on top telling what it is.  I’m no carpenter but I’m hoping that I have enough intelligence to make a frame out of wood. I mean, how hard can it be?  I’m hoping that I can make it look nice and function the way I want it to.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, this is definitely going to be a learning curve for me but hopefully will pave the way for other future projects.  If you are interested in a post office box of your own, just comment me and I can give you the contact for the guy I bought it through.  Last I checked, he had 7 more that he was selling! I’m excited for my new repurposed post office box to come to life and I can’t wait to show you my final project!


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