Laundry Lounge, Murray Review

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I cannot be the only one who washes sheets obsessively but neglects
the comforter for… probably… years. Poor thing was due for a wash. My
mother-in-law made it for my husband and me a few years ago and I’ve
been terrified to put it in the washing machine.

And then I had a baby who was kept off My Precious… and three years
later, I had another baby who only believed in co-sleeping, and she
loves it about as much as I do. And then she blew out on it. And I was
faced with having to wash my beautiful, hand quilted, delicate,
beautiful king sized comforter. And as wonderful as my washer and
dryer are, there’s no way I was stuffing such a huge and precious
piece of art/bedding in them.

It was off to the laundromat.

I had heard that the Laundry Lounge in Murray was a good choice. It
had just gotten new owners, was pretty convenient in that it used both
coins to operate the machines as well as special laundromat cards, and
the new owners also owned a homemade Mexican food restaurant next
door. Sold. Off I went.

I haven’t been in a laundromat since college, and so I admit to being
a little skeptical. But I didn’t feel like I was going to get
carjacked in the neighborhood, and the outside looked clean. Ten
points for Gryffindor. Or something. I walked in and the facilities
were REALLY clean. They had a leather sectional in front with a table,
electric fireplace, and all the machines looked like they had been
wiped down every 5 minutes. It was actually really awesome. Not like
the laundromats I went to in college, where you kind of were afraid to
have your clothes touch anything, even the washing machines.

I found one of the industrial sized washing machines, believing that
the more space My Precious had to move about while it was getting baby
poop washed off of it, the better (and the more emotionally stable I
would be after trusting her in a machine I had only just met). My
daughter got a kick out of watching it spin around. Oh, you can’t buy
detergent there with the laundry cards they give you, and one of the
owners gave me 75 cents for the vending machine to buy a single load
box of Tide so that I wouldn’t have to take my pooper baby out into
the windy weather. I loved that too.

And since I’m kind of obsessed with avoiding public restrooms at all
costs, it bears mentioning that when my daughter had to go potty, I
actually didn’t freak out to go into the restrooms there. If you have
nightmares regularly about going into public restrooms, especially
taking kids (you know, because of their propensity to touch ALL THE
THINGS), you probably will not die in The Laundry Lounge. I mean, the
whole place was spotless. Spotless.

They have free wifi, which was cool because my 3 year old got to lay
back on the couch and play some mind numbing game on my phone while I
watched Judge Judy and waited for my prized comforter to get washed.
When it was done, we put it in the biggest dryer we could find (again,
since comforters apparently need breathing room…) and headed on over
for lunch.

As for the Cancun Café in Murray next door, everything is really and
truly homemade. My husband, who spent a couple years in Mexico, is
seething with jealousy that he didn’t get to go when I came home and
raved about it. The salsa wasn’t too hot, and my 3 year old ate it
without any problems. She even remarked (everything she says is the
most adorable thing ever), “That is some good spicy sauce they got
there.” Seriously so good. Whatever you get, slather it with the chile
verde. The menu touted it as “famous,” which always leaves me kind of
skeptical. But if it is famous, I believe it. I scraped enough of it
off my burrito to put some on everything else on my plate.

When our lunch was done, we headed back over to the Laundry Lounge to
inspect My Precious thoroughly, fold it up, and be on our way. We gave
the leftovers on our laundry card to another patron of the Lounge and
in exchange, she paid back the owner her 75 cents. In case you
wondered, My Precious got super clean. I folded it up and put it back
in the car. Somewhere between the Laundry Lounge and my house, chile
verde spilled out of my to-go box and splashed on my comforter though.
Don’t worry. I’ll lick it up later.

Basically, if you are dependent on laundromats for your laundry needs,
and don’t want to get shanked in the parking lot, and if using your
mother-in-law’s machine bugs you (or your
mother-in-law-bless-her-dear-ever-loving-heart bugs you) visit the
Laundry Lounge on 3900 South in Murray (835 E 3900 S.). Drink a large Diet Coke and an
extra large glass of chile verde next door. Come back and thank me.


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