GameWorks: A Family Activitiy

Recently GameWorks invited us to go visit them at the Gateway (26 S. Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City) so we could talk about their place here on this Utah blog.  Having never been there before, I was expecting something more like a nickel arcade, you know the type, somewhat dingy looking with sticky games, most of which seem to be out of order … yet we still go and spend our money there.  However, GameWorks was nothing like what I expected.

Photo from GameWorks


When you first walk into GameWorks, you are greeted by someone at the front desk.  From there you can either go to the right and sit down for a meal or go left into the arcade.

The restaurant area is nice.  It has televisions all over, especially on just one wall, and my kids loved that.  My son loved the sports that were playing while my daughter loved My Little Pony or something similar that was playing.  My husband and I were more interested in the sportscasters that were talking about some sort.  The waiters and waitresses were friendly and helped us when needed.  I appreciate that.  Waiters and waitresses can make or break a restaurant so it’s important to me that restaurants only have the best.  And GameWorks’ were pretty good!

After we had some food, we wandered over to the game area.  We had a card with a balance to play some games.  The first area was where we could win tickets.  Somehow my daughter won a couple hundred tickets on one of the games which was astonishing as she doesn’t like to follow game rules and isn’t patient enough to listen how to play them.  So we were able to get some treats with those winnings.  My son’s favorite game was a little mini basketball game.  My daughter preferred any game with an animal attached to it.

Photo from GameWorks

Back in a separate area are even more games.  They include racing games, air hockey, basketball games, and a 4D ride.  This is my favorite area.  I’m competitive and like to prove how good I am at games so if it was just up to me, this is where we’d spend all of our money.

Like I mentioned before, I was impressed that the entire place was clean and well maintained.  I liked being able to sit down at a game, touch the handles or any part of the game, and it wasn’t sticky or too greasy.  And with a restaurant in the same area, that’s a big deal!



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